High international interest for EXPONOR CHILE 2015. The International Exhibition for the Mining Industry.

May 11-15, 2015. Antofagasta, CHILE.
The International Mining Industry Exhibition, Exponor, is an on site exposition that takes place every two years in the Region of Antofagasta, an area which is the mining center of Chile producing 54% of copper at national level, and 16% of global production of the red metal, as well as being a leader in the production of other metallic and non-metallic minerals.



Santiago, Chile, January 21th, 2015— EXPONOR CHILE 2015

With the presence of 14 foreign business pavilions Exponor 2015 is positioned as one of the most important mining events of its kind in the world, bringing together for an entire week a group of managers, executives, supervisors, operators and technicians from mining companies and suppliers businesses from all five continents.

At the date in May of this year, USA, Canada, Australia, Peru, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Switzerland, France and Asia, will be present again from the 11 to the 15 of May in Antofagasta. In words of Andrea Moreno, expo-manager  “(companies) will be increasing this time its presence in both square meters and number of exhibitors compared to the 2013 version, this being a sign of the importance that the country has in the international business as the industrial platform of the mining sector”

Such is the relevance of Exponor abroad, that Moreno confirmed that Austria, New Zealand and the UK, will be for the first time this year in this event with a pavilion. “we are hoping that this amount will increase as we expect that more countries will decide to come and be part of this great event” she said.
Foreign exhibitors, which in 2013 accounted for over a third of all participants are in their great majority providers presenting technological innovations associated with the most varied productive processes of the mining industry, “seeking to negotiate directly with companies mining or to find a business partner that enables them to offer their products on the national market as well as in Latin America” said Moreno.

For more information about the EXPONOR 2015 visit www.exponor.cl or contact us directly at belgium.brussels@prochile.gob.cl


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