Bear Story wins the 2016 Oscar of Best Short Film

Chilean Bear Story wins the Oscar of Best Short Film!

Directed by Gabriel Osorio and produced by Pato Escala, Bear Story won the 2016 Oscar of Best Short Film as well as a lot of international awards.

The short movie is about a bear who longs to come back to his family and who tellsBear story chica
the story of his life through a mechanical diorama. The short film is an allegory of the military regime in Chile. It remembers the Osorio’s grandfather who was incarcerated for two years during the Pinochet’s regime. After that, he had to live in England and so live far away from his family.

Bear Story let us wondering the same questions: Where is the bear’s family? What happened to them? The same questions that thousands of Chilean families ask themselves during the dictatorship.

The film was created by Punkrobot, a studio based in Santiago, Chile.

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