Chile at Seafood Expo Global 2016

Brussels, Belgium, March 1st 2016—Come visit us to the Chilean pavilion at Hall 9 this year’s Seafood Expo Global 2016. The event will be taking place from April 26th until April 28th in Brussels, Belgium.

April 21-22-23 2015The largest largest seafood trade event in the world attracts more than 26,600 buyers and suppliers of seafood products from all over the globe. The event is aimed at professionals, who travel from more than 144 different countries to do business at the exposition, and consequently have access to a global variety of products.

Chile’s past participations in this event have been of great success, exhibiting products such as Salmon, Mussels, King Crab, Giant Squid, Scallops and generating business connections. This time the Chilean delegation will include a total of 21 well renowned companies showcasing Chile’s attributes as a reliable producer & exporter of a wide range of food products, especially seafood.

Chile’s vast Pacific coastline nurtures a wealth of ecosystems and marine species. The resulting abundance of marine resources make Chile a leading fish and shellfish producer. With its 4,300 km of coastline, Chile enjoys cold and hot pure water which give it an unparalleled wealth of resources.

Chilean fisheries and aquaculture Chilean fisheries and aquaculture have grown exponentially in the last 30 years, resulting in strong production and international positioning. Chilean efforts to become a world food powerhouse are helped by its natural advantages, professionalism and a strong orientation to quality and sustainability which are keys to a successful consolidation of our exports.

Chilean seafood products reach over one hundred markets worldwide, including those of Japan, the United States, China, Brazil and most of Europe.

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Come and discover the wide range of seafood that Chile has to offer!