A Reliable Partner

Chile’s sustained growth is explained by its economic openness and the reliability it has among foreign investors. Its continuous progress and marked path towards development, based on cooperation with the countries of the world, has positioned it as a growing export center and an attractive place to do business.

_FCP4868Chile is the best evaluated emerging economy of Latin America and one of the most recognized worldwide. Its characteristics –stability, legal certainty, transparency, competitiveness and excellent business projections– place it as the best destination for foreign investment in Latin America, and one of the world’s most outstanding.

According to UNCTAD figures, flows of foreign direct investment (FDI) attracted by the country have maintained an upward trend, which has played a decisive role in its economic growth and development.

During the last decade, foreign investment in the country has reached an annual average of 6.6% of GDP, and there have been record numbers of capital inflows, which speaks of its excellent track record as a recipient of foreign investment, which has increased by 37.5% over the past 5 years.

Why Chile

1. Reliable Partner

According to Risk Ratings published in 2012 by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), this is one of the nations with the lowest country risk in the world. Meanwhile, rating agencies give it high ratings on sovereign credit rates, highlighting the low levels of public debt, the integrity of its institutions, and a healthy financial system.

2. Connectivity and Infrastructure

According to the World Economic Forum’s Technology Readiness Index 2012, Chile is leader in the region and ranks 39 among 142 countries thanks to its advances in digital connectivity and the presence of new technologies. In addition, the country has a modern network of roads, hospitals, ports and airports, among other works, as result of an investment of over US$ 10,000 million in infrastructure.

3. Attractive Business Environment

According to the Doing Business 2013 report, published by the World Bank, Chile is the Latin American economy where it is easier to do business, ranking 62 places above the regional average.

4. Competitiveness

In the World Competitiveness Report 2012, published by the Institute for Management Development (IMD), Chile ranked in 28th place among 59 countries, leading Latin America.

5. Tax system

It has bilateral treaties in force to avoid double taxation with over 20 countries, and its tax system is transparent, competitive, and extensively computerized.

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