Why Chile

Why Chile

Located in the southwestern corner of South America, Chile surprises with a varied geography drawn among mountains, valleys, deserts, forests and thousands of kilometers of coastline. These geographical conditions, coupled with an exceptional climate, have provided insuperable health barriers that help maintain the high quality of its agricultural, livestock and forestry products.


It is a nation of democratic institutions with an open and stable economic model, favorable for investment, which has remained as one of the most competitive economies in the region. It stands out for its strong institutional framework, the strength and transparency of its public institutions, infrastructure, and for having one of the most efficient and sophisticated financial markets. These are just some of the reasons that made Chile the first South American country to be a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The keys to the success of the Chilean model are associated with stable macroeconomic policies, a close cooperation between the public and private sectors, transparent rules, and a State that seeks to improve competitiveness.

Why Chile

1. Orientation Towards Exports

Currently, Chile has the largest network of Free Trade Agreements in the world. More than 20 trade agreements with 60 countries –and others under negotiation–, give privileged access to a market of over 4,200 million consumers.

2. Touristic Experience

Chile was highlighted as an “unmissable” destination and Santiago as “one of the most interesting places to visit” in 2011 by The New York Times. CNN chose the Chilean capital as one of the three most captivating places to visit and National Geographic Traveler selected the Santiago Central Market among the top five more authentic fresh food markets in the world.

 3. Environmental Commitment

Its continuous growth is based on the principles of sustainable development to achieve a balance between progress and the protection of natural resources. Therefore, it has signed several international and trade agreements aimed at achieving higher sustainability levels and stimulating corporate social responsibility.

4. World Class Connectivity

It is ranked by Connectivity Scorecard 2011 as the leading country in Latin American in the development of information technology and communications. Also, its road, port and airport infrastructure is among the most advanced in the region.

5. Transparency

Chile is among the best 20 economies of the 174 analyzed in the Corruption Perception Index 2012 developed by Transparency International, and it is leader in Latin America.

6. Competitive Country

Ranks first place in Latin America in the Global Competitiveness Index 2011 – 2012 published by the World Economic Forum and it is the country with the best environment for doing business in the region according to The Economist.