About ProChile

ProChile is the institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile in charge of promoting exports of products and services. ProChile contributes to dissemination of foreign investment opportunities and tourism promotion.

ProChile has a network of over 50 offices worldwide and 15 Export Centers in Chile which have experience and tools to help boost the export sector and position Chile’s attributes in international markets.

In a globalized world with highly competitive markets, ProChile, in its role as trade facilitator is able to provide to international consumers a wide range of products and services from the most diverse sectors. ProChile presents business opportunities to thousands of international buyers thus improving the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Its economy, support to entrepreneurship, political stability, public security, ideal climatic conditions allow Chile to develop products and services with a unique quality in the region, which added to strict adherence to fair trade practices and sustainability, make our exports attractive with reliable suppliers and a high level of innovation.

We are interested in identifying strategic partners, distributors, traders and consumers in international markets who see in Chilean products and services the opportunity to enhance their business strategies.

We invite you to get in touch with any of ProChile’s 54 offices in the world, where you can organize business meeting schedules, get advice on the qualities of the Chilean productive and services sectors, as well as information on investment opportunities in Chile. Also, at the offices you can learn more about Chile´s wonderful tourist attractions.