Sector Agro and Food


Unique climate and soil advantages help Chile grow foods whose quality stands heads above the rest.

These include a Mediterranean climate, staggered production, reverse seasons relative to the Northern Hemisphere, and a unique geography that shields against pest and disease. Also, political and economic stability, state-of-the-art facilities and logistics, modern production and processing technologies, compliance with stringent global standards and certifications, and a network of freer trade arrangements with sixty countries.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Food Security Index 2012 ranks Chile as a food quality leader in Latin America.

The Chilean Export Lineup

Chile is the world’s largest exporter of blueberries, fresh grapes, plums, prunes, dried apples, trout, and Pacific salmon. It is also the world’s second-largest supplier of avocados, frozen raspberries, walnuts and Atlantic salmon, and the largest fresh cherry producer in the Southern Hemisphere. Chile also enjoys worldwide recognition as a producer of wines, extra virgin olive oil, mineral water, pisco, and nuts. These are just some of the components of the Chilean export lineup, which also features functional foods.

Technology, Innovation and Sustainability

The Chile, a Global Food Supplier sector strategy centers on productivity increases achieved through innovation and technology, sustainable natural resource use, production chains linking small producers to vast agroindustrial concerns, competitive integration with international markets, an ongoing concern for plant and animal health and food safety, and alignment of the public and private sectors with the food agenda.

Significantly, 90 percent of Chilean exports travel by sea, a mode of transportation 3.2 times more efficient than the ground transportation prevailing across Europe and the United States. As such, greenhouse gas emissions from product transportation are substantially lower, while the carbon footprint is generally lower relative to products grown and distributed within Europe or the U.S.

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