_FCP5246The Chilean nuts industry has undergone radical changes in the past 15 years. Substantial increases in walnut, almond and hazelnut output have turned Chile into the Southern Hemisphere’s largest producer of some nuts and the world’s largest of others. But far from a question of volume, Chilean leadership rests mostly on recognized product quality.

From 2009 to 2012 Chilean nut exports grew from US$130 million to US$273 million. Accounting for over two thirds of nut exports, walnuts alone rose from US$80 million to US$195 million.

Competitive Advantages

  • Low prevalence of pest and disease
  • Internationally recognized product quality
  • Reverse seasons

Leading Products

  • Shelled and unshelled walnuts.
  • Shelled and unshelled almonds.
  • Shelled and unshelled hazelnuts.
  • Chestnuts.



  • ISO-9000
  • Global GAP
  • Kosher and Halal (some)