Meat Products

0 portadaThe production efficiency and genetic standardsof Chilean meat products meet or exceed developed country requirements.

The industry uses sophisticated technology to process quality products. Experience, innovationand competitiveness help ensure uniform health standards.

High-quality, export-grade poultry, pork, beef and lamb are processed using cutting-edge industrial technology. Local health agencies enforce stringent standards meeting the requirements of the world’s most discriminating markets.


Competitive Advantages

  • ž   The World Organization for Animal Health notes that Chile is free from List A diseases and has no known cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy,bird flu, foot-and-mouth disease,or classical swine fever.
  • ž   Standing epidemiologic surveillance programs help keep out disease.
  • ž   Sophisticated technologyensuresquality products.
  • ž   Chile can safely ship bone-in meat.
  • ž   Dependable exporters.

Leading Products

Bone-in and boneless meat productsand byproducts, including:

  • ž   Beef
  • ž   Lamb
  • ž   Pork
  • ž   Poultry (chicken, turkey)


Leading Meat Products




















  • ž   Export-Grade Livestock ProducersList(LEEPP)
  • ž   Health standards enforced by destination countries (Official Certifications)
  • ž   Certified LivestockFacility Program (PABCO)
  • ž   Halal International Certification


More Information

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ASPROCER (The Chilean Pork Producers Association)  –