Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

FRUTA FRESCAWidely acclaimed for quality, Chilean fresh fruit enjoysstrong demand from some of the world’s most discriminating consumers.As the world’s largest shipper of grapes, plums, apples, blueberries, nectarines andpeaches, Chile accounts for nearly 60 percent of Southern Hemisphere exports. Growing demand for health foods has been key to worldwide expansion of Chilean fresh fruit exports. Stringent consumer standards have prompted the industry to place a premium on technology innovations that ensure continued competitiveness.

Competitive Advantages

  • Outstanding soil and climate conditions.
  • Off-season production relative to Northern Hemisphere markets.
  • Freer trade arrangements granting preferential access to a wide range of markets.

Leading Products

  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries
  • Kiwifruit
  • Plums
  • Avocados
  • Other clingstone (nectarines, peaches)
  • Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, clementines)
  • Pears


ChileGAP, a Good Agricultural Practices program accredited under Global GAP and China GAP and recognized in the U.S. by NSF-Davis Fresh.

More Information

ASOEX, Chilean Fruit Exporters Association 

FEDEFRUTA,  Fruit Growers Federation of Chile,