Buyer and Investor Support

Business Matching

If you wish to contact Chilean suppliers of goods or services, we can help identify and locate the right counterpart and assist as your working relationship develops. In other words, we can open the door to a world of business opportunities.

Chile Meeting Agenda

If you are thinking of traveling to Chile on business, our representatives will help assemble a productive agenda. We will help identify potential suppliers and coordinate meeting schedules and logistical needs, based on your stated objectives and available time. Our countrywide office network will help make sure that your stay in Chile is as successful and productive as can be.

Trade Shows, Missions and Market Events

If you would like to meet with visiting Chilean businesspeople, our representatives are the people to ask. ProChile Trade Commissions organize and coordinate attendance at international trade fairs, trade mission travels abroad, and special events of interest to local markets and industries.

Fresh Information

ProChile Trade Commissions have the tools and resources to deliver comprehensive, practical information about the Chilean export product lineup and Chilean strengths that can benefit your business. Irrespective of your business experience or size, our experts will provide the information and support you need to start doing business with Chile.

Organization and Participation in Business Events

ProChile trade representatives will welcome a chance to guest speak at your events. If your industry or company wants to know more about Chile and its export products, we are available to take part. All our experts possess extensive experience and knowledge of a wide range of industries.