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This gathering covers many international destinations bringing the best of Chilean Manufacturing and Services. There are business meetings, seminars and technical visits.

The first destination of 2013 is Costa Rica, a gateway to Central America, with a potential market of 64 million people, and with whom Chile has a FTA and where 97% of exports are non-traditional.

The Chile Forestry Gathering in Colombia will show, through various seminars, topics like “The Potential Use of Wood in Construction”. There will also be business meetings where the Chilean forestry sector will exhibit the best of its products.

This event brings the best of Chilean wine export supply to different international markets where our exporters meet with potential buyers and opinion leaders in a unique business occasion.

This time we head to a market with over 125 million people: Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic. These are countries where wine consumption has been steadily in recent years and, are still a great opportunity to build business opportunities for importers and exporters.

Chile will participate with the best of its fruit production at this fair which attracts the largest fruit producers from around the world, and where hundreds of exhibits are performed from different countries presenting a fascinating perspective on the market and an incredible opportunity to make significant business contacts.